3/8 in.-16 Furniture Levelers with Threaded Inserts, White (4-Pack) - Denali Building Supply

3/8 in.-16 Furniture Levelers with Threaded Inserts, White (4-Pack)

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The POWERTEC 71189 Insert Levelers (4-Pack) are ideal for lifting and leveling even your heaviest furniture, easily and quickly. With its 3/8 in.-16 thread size, there is a good chance that the shaft of these levels will also fit the existing inserts in older furniture (if they have the corresponding internal measurements). These well-made, attractive levelers adjust from a minimum height of 3/4 in. to a maximum height of 1-3/8 in. or more. Their rugged durability allows for a weight capacity of up to 550 lbs. per leveler or 2200 lbs. per set of 4. The body of the leveler is precision machined of rugged carbon steel, the threaded (tapered) inserts are constructed of zinc for rust-resistant. Footpads feature a PA nylon construction for durability and glide-ability. In addition, PA nylon will not mar your floor surfaces. Attractive chrome plating on the footpads provide a polished look to your furniture. For quick and easy setup, simply pre-drill installation holes into the furniture at preferred site of attachment. The threaded inserts assemble with a 10 mm hex wrench. A 1/2 in. hole is a convenient place to start, but depending on your wood type, larger holes may be required. Once attached, adjust to the desired height with a 13 mm hex wrench (not included). High quality, easy-on-the-eye and adjustable.

  • Ideal for lifting/leveling/stabilizing your heavier furniture
  • Level body constructed of rugged carbon steel, threaded insert is made of zinc for rust/wear resistance, non-marring footpads feature PA nylon construction for easy glide-ability and durability, chrome plating on the foot pad provides an attractive, polished look
  • Easy to use via integrated adjusting nut built into the shaft itself, tighten with 13 mm wrench (not included)
  • Bolt body dimension: 3/8 in.-16 x 2, pad diameter 1-3/8 in., tapered threaded insert is a nominal 1 in. H, can be used in a wide variety of older furniture as replacement legs (if they have corresponding internal measurements)
  • 4-pack, weight capacity: 550 lbs. per caster, 2200 lbs. for set of 4