FROTH-PAK™ 15' Spray Foam Gun Hose Assembly

FROTH-PAK™ 15' Spray Foam Gun Hose Assembly

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FROTH-PAK is the heavier-duty sealant! Large openings that let air into a home rob homeowners of money, energy efficiency and comfort. Froth-Pak Foam Sealant is designed to fill gaps and penetrations greater than 2" quickly and affordably, helping eliminate unwanted airflow throughout a home. This 15' Gun Hose Assembly will give you more leeway to finish your FROTH-PAK project.

Made in the U.S.A.

Brand Name: FROTH-PAK


  • Must be purchased for use alongside FROTH-PAK Low-GWP A and B tanks
  • INSTA-FLO Dispensing Spray Gun is designed to reduce overspray and waste by maintaining on ratio foam
  • This spray gun is strurdy, lightweight, reusable and comfortable to use
  • Protects against accidental discharge with a flip up safety mechanism
  • Empties precisely on ratio, resulting in better foam quality