Power Grab Tub Surround 9-fl oz Construction Adhesive

Power Grab Tub Surround 9-fl oz Construction Adhesive

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Loctite PL 550 Tub Surround Adhesive is designed to bond most bathroom and shower enclosures without harming or burning the tub kit materials. Our water-based adhesive is perfect for this task because it resists moisture, steam, water, heat, and cold when fully cured. This durable product can also be used to minimize slippage of tub surround panels, correct misaligned materials, and fill gaps. Loctite PL 550 Tub Surround is easy to use, since it cleans up with soap and water and can be repositioned for up to 25 minutes. It also doesn’t require etching or venting like most solvent-based tub surround adhesives. This low-odor adhesive is Low VOC Carb Compliant to meet stringent state and federal requirements.
  • Formulated to bond most plastic bathroom and shower enclosures

  • Resists moisture, steam, heat and cold when fully cured

  • Won’t harm or burn tub kit materials if used as directed

  • High-grab adhesive for bonding tub surrounds to common building materials like drywall and wood

  • Allows for correction of misaligned materials

  • Minimizes slippage of tub surround panels

  • Use on irregular surfaces or to fill gaps

  • No etching and no venting required

  • Repositionable for up to 25 minutes