Roberts Pro Flooring Installation Kit for Vinyl, Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

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  • Multi-function tools for more flooring installation options
  • For both professional and DIY installers
  • Essential tools for a variety of plank floor installs

Install vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring like a professional with the Roberts Pro Flooring Installation Kit. This kit includes a tapping block, pull bar, double faced mallet and 30 expansion joint spacers that won't tip over during installation. This kit is reusable for future wood and vinyl flooring projects.

  • For vinyl, laminate and hardwood floor installations
  • 30 Flooring Expansion Spacers form 1/4 in. and ½ in. expansion joints, as well as 1 in. thresholds
  • 2-Sided Universal Tapping Block pushes planks together for a tight seam
  • Wide Angle Pull Bar pulls planks together from the ends of the panels in hard to reach places
  • Non-marring and double faced mallet for use with tapping block and pull bar
  • Required for floating and glue down installations
  • All tools can be reused for your next installation project

Model # 10-43