TimberTech CONCEALoc Free TigerClaw Gun Offer

TimberTech CONCEALoc Free TigerClaw Gun Offer

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Free TigerClaw Pneumatic Gun

For a Limited Time when you order 2 TimberTech ConceaLoc Gun Pails, you can get a free TigerClaw Gun, and we pay the shipping. FastenMaster will send you a TigerClaw Pneumatic Gun as part of their First Time User Program, one Gun per customer.

After placing your order for 2 TimberTech ConceaLoc Gun Pails we will email you the FastenMaster First Time User promotional order form. After you fill it out and return the form to us FastenMaster will ship your free TigerClaw Gun to you. Limit One Free Gun Per Customer.

Each 900pc Gun Pail - 500 sq. foot coverage. * Includes steel collated Scrails for use with the Tiger Claw pneumatic installation gun, and a drive bit.

Package Quantity - 2 TimberTech ConceaLoc Gun Pails & 1 TigerClaw Pneumatic Gun

Manufacturer - FastenMaster

Manufacturer Link - http://www.fastenmaster.com/details/product/tiger-claw-installation-gun-for-grooved-decking.html

Installation Help - https://www.timbertech.com/installation-help


Overall Fastener Breakdown

Applicable Fasteners Color-Matched or Hidden
TOPLoc® for TimberTech Color-Matched
Cortex® for TimberTech (square-shoulder boards) Hidden
FUSIONLoc® (grooved boards only) Hidden
CONCEALoc® (grooved boards only) Hidden